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Testwork Design

LCA is able to assist resource development companies with a range of high level planning including locations of downstream processing plant, size of the plant, cut off grade and constructing processing facilities offshore.

Strategic Shaping of Downstream Processing

LCA will assist in the design of the testwork in order to obtain the critical data required to progress the project through the various feasibility phases. 

Flowsheet Development

LCA can assist with the development of a single flowsheet, or multiple options, if required.  For the initial phases this would comprise only the main unit operations. In subsequent phases the flowsheet would include reagent preparation and utility sections.

Owner's Technology Team

LCA aspires to partner with resource companies and assist them to grow their technology team, which is ultimately able to operate the plant. In the initial phases of the project this may require LCA to develop the technology as well as transfer the technology to the resource company and their consultants at the end of the project. 

Process Modeling

LCA has the capability of producing SysCAD process models for the proposed flowsheet or flowsheets and to carry out sensitivity analysis.  The model/s produced will be owned by the Resource Company and can be used in the feasibility studies as a foundation for further development.

Lithium Market Intelligence

LCA is in constant communication with a wide range of people and companies active in the lithium industry.  By careful screening of the current  information and years of being in the industry, we are able to comment on the current supply versus demand balance and the viability of new projects.

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